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The Bzyb (Georgian: ბზიფი, Abkhaz: Бзыҧ, Russian: Бзыбь) is one of the two largest rivers of Abkhazia, along with the Kodori and the twelfth longest river in Georgia.
Bzyb (Georgian: ბზიფი, Abkhaz: Бзыҧ, Bzyph, Russian: Бзыбь or Бзыпта) is an urban-type settlement located in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, Georgia.
Abkhazians or the Abkhaz (Abkhaz: Аҧсуа, Apswa; Georgian: აფხაზები [ɑpʰxɑzɛbi]) are a Caucasian ethnic group, mainly living in Abkhazia, a partially-recognized state on the Black Sea coast of Eastern Europe.
Bzyb (also spelled Bzyp) is a major dialect of Abkhaz, spoken in the Bzyb River region of Caucasus and Turkey.
Bălți International Airport (IATA: BZY, ICAO: LUBL), formerly known as Bălți-Leadoveni International Airport, is one of the two airports serving the city of Bălți, Moldova.
Bzyb, Bzyp, Bzyph or Bziphi may refer to one of the following things related to Abkhazia:
Bzyb Range (Abkhaz: Агеишьха, Ageish'kha; Georgian: ბზიფის ქედი) is a mountain range in Abkhazia on the southern slope of the western part of Greater Caucasus.
The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in the East during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, which had been founded as Byzantium).
In probability theory and statistics, Bayes’ theorem (alternatively Bayes’ law or Bayes' rule) describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event.
The Bay of Pigs Invasion (Spanish: Invasión de Playa Girón or Invasión de Bahía de Cochinos or Batalla de Girón) was a failed military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the CIA-sponsored paramilitary group Brigade 2506 on 17 April 1961. A counter-revolutionary military (made up of Cuban exiles who traveled to the United States after Castro's takeover), trained and funded by the United States government's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Brigade 2506 fronted the armed wing of the Democratic Revolutionary Front (DRF) and intended to overthrow the increasingly communist government of Fidel Castro.

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