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The meaning of «caz»

Caz may refer to:
Cazalla is a village in Murcia, Spain. It is part of the municipality of Lorca.
Cazenovia Creek is a small stream in Western New York, United States. It is a tributary of the Buffalo River, which empties into Lake Erie.
Cazasu is a commune located in Brăila County, Romania. It is composed of a single village, Cazasu. It was part of Tudor Vladimirescu Commune until 2003, when it was split off to form a separate commune.
Cazania lui Varlaam (the Homiliary of Varlaam) also known as Carte Românească de Învăţătură (the Romanian Book of Learning) is a book edited by the Metropolitan of Moldavia Varlaam Moţoc in 1643.
The Cazador was a steamboat built 1848 in France and bought 1851 by the Chilean Navy for the transport of military and cargo along the coast of Chile.
Cazengo is a town and municipality in Cuanza Norte Province in Angola.
Cazenovia College is a small, independent, co-educational, baccalaureate college, located in Cazenovia, New York.
Luke Caswell (born June 27, 1972), better known as Cazwell, is an American rapper and songwriter. He has released the three studio albums Get Into It in 2006, Watch My Mouth in 2009 and Hard 2 B Fresh in 2014, along with several music videos and singles.
Cazenovia Township, Township 28 North, Range 2 West, is located in Woodford County, Illinois. It includes most of the town of Washburn, Illinois and the villages of Cazenovia and Low Point, Illinois and is traversed by State Route 89. As of the 2010 census, its population was 1,768 and it contained 721 housing units.

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