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The CBH class is a class of diesel-electric freight locomotives designed and manufactured in the United States by MotivePower in Boise, Idaho, for Western Australian grain growers' co-operative CBH Group.
CBH grain receival points (also known as the bins or wheat bins in local popular usage) are grain silos spread around Western Australia, primarily in the wheatbelt region.
CBHA may refer to:
CBHT-DT is the CBC Television owned-and-operated television station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It broadcasts a digital, high-definition, terrestrial over-the-air signal on UHF channel 39, from a transmitter located on Washmill Lake Drive (near Bently Drive) in Halifax.
The CBH Group (commonly known as CBH, an acronym for Co-operative Bulk Handling), is a grain growers' cooperative that handles, markets and processes grain from the wheatbelt of Western Australia.
CBHA-FM is a Canadian radio station. It is the CBC Radio One affiliate in Halifax, Nova Scotia, broadcasting at 90.5 MHz on the FM dial.
CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA Switzerland was created in 1975 as a brokerage company known as stock and commodities services.
CBH-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 102.7 MHz. The station was launched on June 1, 1976 and is the CBC Radio 2 outlet for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
CBHS Health Fund is an Australian private health insurance company founded on January 1, 1951 by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to provide insurance to its employees.
In mathematics, the Baker–Campbell–Hausdorff formula is the solution to the equation

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