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CCG may refer to:
CCGS Labrador was a Wind-class icebreaker. First commissioned on 8 July 1954 as Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Labrador (pennant number AW 50) in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Captain O.C.S.
CCGS John G. Diefenbaker is the name for a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker that is expected to join the fleet in 2021-2022. She was initially expected to be in service by 2017. Her namesake, John G.
CCGS Amundsen is a Pierre Radisson-class icebreaker and Arctic research vessel operated by the Canadian Coast Guard.
The CCGS Cape Edensaw is one of the Canadian Coast Guard's 36 Cape class motor life boat. The Cape Edensaw was built in the Victoria Shipyards, in Vancouver, and was dedicated at Victoria, British Columbia in June 2005.
CCGS Private Robertson V.C. is the first vessel in the Canadian Coast Guard's Hero-class patrol vessels.
CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M. is one of the Canadian Coast Guard's nine Hero-class patrol vessels. She was launched in May 2014. Like the other vessels in her class she is named after a Canadian (Capt Nichola Goddard, MSM) who lost their life in the course of their duty.
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Revisor is a Canadian Coast Guard inshore fisheries research and survey vessel.[1]
CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier is a Martha L. Black-class light icebreaker and major navaids tender of the Canadian Coast Guard.
CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert was a Canadian Coast Guard light icebreaker and now a privately owned Arctic icebreaker Polar Prince.

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