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A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work.
CCZ (in capital letters) may mean:
Rigolet Airport (IATA: YRG, TC LID: CCZ2) is located adjacent to Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Margaree Airport (TC LID: CCZ4) is located 0.8 nautical miles (1.5 km; 0.92 mi) east southeast of Margaree Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Clarenville Airport (TC LID: CCZ3), is 7.5 nautical miles (13.9 km; 8.6 mi) north of Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Thorburn Airport (TC LID: CCZ5) is located 2 nautical miles (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) west of Thorburn, Nova Scotia, Canada.
C Czarnikow Ltd v Koufos or The Heron II [1967] UKHL 4 is an English contract law case, concerning remoteness of damage.
The Church of Light was incorporated November 2, 1932 in Los Angeles, California. Its mission is “to teach, practice, and disseminate The Religion of The Stars, a way of life for the Aquarian Age, as set forth in writings of C.C.
The Czech Republic (/ˈtʃɛk rᵻˈpʌblɪk/ CHEK-rə-PUB-lik; Czech: Česká republika, Czech pronunciation: [ˈt͡ʃɛskaː ˈrɛpuˌblɪka]), also known by the short name Czechia (/ˈtʃɛkiə/, CHEK-ee-ə; Czech: Česko, pronounced [ˈt͡ʃɛsko]), is a nation state in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the northeast.
Czechoslovakia or Czecho-Slovakia /ˌtʃɛkoʊsloʊˈvækiə, -kə-, -slə-, -ˈvɑː-/ (Czech and Slovak: Československo, Česko-Slovensko) was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its peaceful dissolution into the Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovak Republic (Slovakia) on 1 January 1993.

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