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CDF may refer to:
CDFinder is an application for Apple's Mac OS X developed by Norbert M. Doerner since 1995. It is now known as NeoFinder.
CDF Croisières de France is a subsidiary of Pullmantur Cruises, catering to the French cruise market, with French as the primary language used on board.
The Central Departmental training sports and entertainment complex (CDFAS) is a sports Complex located in the Val d'Oise in the communes of Eaubonne and of Saint-Gratien.
In statistics, cumulative distribution function (CDF)-based nonparametric confidence intervals are a general class of confidence intervals around statistical functionals of a distribution.
The CAL FIRE Aviation Management Program is a branch of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (known also as CAL FIRE).
CDF Player is a Computable Document Format viewer developed by Wolfram Research. The proprietary CDF Player is released with a restrictive license, which can be downloaded free of charge from Wolfram Research.
CDfs is a virtual Linux file system that provides access to individual data and audio tracks on Compact Discs.
Club Deportivo de Fútbol Lakua de Vitoria-Gasteiz was a Spanish football club based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the autonomous community of Basque Country.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), formerly known as the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), is a state agency under the California Natural Resources Agency.

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