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CEU may refer to:
Ceuta (assimilated pronunciation /ˈsjuːtə/ SEW-tə, also /ˈseɪʊtə/ SAY-uu-tə; Spanish: [ˈθeuta]; Arabic: سبتة, Sabtah) is an 18.5-square-kilometre (7.1 sq mi) Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa, sharing a western border with Morocco.
Ceuta is one of the 52 electoral districts (Spanish: circunscripciones) used for the Congress of Deputies—the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales.
CEU Cardinal Herrera University (in Spanish language Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera) is a private university in Valencia, Spain.
Ceuthostoma is a genus of two species of trees, constituting part of the plant family Casuarinaceae.
The Ceuta border fence forms part of the Morocco–Spain border at Ceuta, a city on the North African coast.
Ceuthophilus is a genus of insects in the cave cricket family Rhaphidophoridae. It contains most of the species that are known commonly as camel crickets.
Ceuthomadarus tenebrionellus is a moth in the Lecithoceridae family. It was described by Mann in 1864. It is found in Iran and Asia Minor.
The Center for Network Science (CNS) was founded in 2009 at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary and is intended to provide an organizational platform for network science research.
Ceux du dehors (1981) is the third album by the Belgian RIO band Univers Zero. The title translates as "The Outsiders", which strongly alludes, among other things, to the Dark Fantasy works of HP Lovecraft.

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