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CFA may refer to:
The CFA franc (in French: franc CFA [fʁɑ̃ seɛfɑ], or colloquially franc) is the name of two currencies used in Africa which are guaranteed by the French treasury.
The CFA International Cat Show is a cat show hosted by the Cat Fanciers' Association. In 2016, the show is being held in Novi, MI, Nov.
The 1.2 meter Millimeter-Wave Telescope at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and its twin instrument at CTIO in Chile have been studying the distribution and properties of molecular clouds in our Galaxy and its nearest neighbours since the 1970s.
Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Dundurn (also CFAD Dundurn) is a Canadian Forces facility located near the town of Dundurn, Saskatchewan and approximately 40 km south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
CFAR is a Canadian radio station that operates at 590 AM located in Flin Flon, Manitoba. The station broadcasts with a daytime transmitter power of 10,000 watts and at nighttime at 1,000 watts.
CFAO is a multinational company engaged in the sale of manufactured goods, especially automobiles and pharmaceutical products.
CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals.
CFA Training College, Fiskville was the training college for members of the Country Fire Authority (CFA), a large, predominantly volunteer fire and emergency service which has legislative responsibility for fire and emergencies in regional Victoria (Australia).
CFAV may refer to:

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