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This is a compilation of Olimpia Cluj's matches in official international women's football competitions.
CFFB is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 1230 AM. It operates a nested FM rebroadcasting transmitter at 91.1 MHz in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
CFF Olimpia Cluj is a women's football team from Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Founded in 2010 the team started directly, as there is no second level league, in Romania's top level women's league and convincingly won the championship in its very first season.
CFFR is a Canadian AM radio station broadcasting at 660 kHz in Calgary, Alberta and began broadcasting on January 10, 1984. As of April 3, 2006, it operates in an all-news format, branded 660News.
CFFF-FM is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts at 92.7 FM in Peterborough, Ontario. The station, which uses the on-air name Trent Radio, was previously licensed as the campus radio station of the city's Trent University, but now operates under an independent community radio license.
Club de Fútbol Femenino Badajoz Olivenza, formerly known as Sociedad Polideportiva Comarca Los Llanos de Olivenza, is a Spanish women's football club from Olivenza in Badajoz, Extremadura founded in 2003.
CFFM-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 97.5 FM in Williams Lake, British Columbia, with an active rock format as The Goat: World Class Rock.
CFFB-TV was the television call sign for the former CBC's television transmitter in Iqaluit, Nunavut. It repeated the CBC North Television service, which consisted of the regular national CBC Television schedule in Mountain Time, with the addition of the northern news programs CBC Igalaaq in Inuktitut at 6 p.m.
The United States Fleet Forces Command (USFLTFORCOM) is a service component command of the United States Navy that provides naval forces to a wide variety of U.S.
PostScript fonts are font files encoded in outline font specifications developed by Adobe Systems for professional digital typesetting.

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