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CGN-7 (an acronym for Columbia Gorge Network channel 7) is a regional television station that carries a variety of programs relevant to the Columbia Gorge.
CGnet Swara is an Indian voice-based online portal that allows people in the forests of Central Tribal India to report local news by making a phone call.
CgNa is a peptide toxin isolated from the sea anemone Condylactis gigantea. It causes an increased action potential duration by slowing down the inactivation of tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels.
CGNS stands for CFD General Notation System. It is a general, portable, and extensible standard for the storage and retrieval of CFD analysis data.
USS Long Beach (CLGN-160/CGN-160/CGN-9) was a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser in the United States Navy.
Aviva plc /ˈævɪvə/ is a British multinational insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
GeoBase is a federal, provincial and territorial government initiative that is overseen by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG).
Search for Common Ground (or SFCG) is an international non-profit organization operating in 36 countries whose mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict away from adversarial approaches toward cooperative solutions.
China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) (Chinese: 中国广核集团), formerly China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (Chinese: 中国广东核电集团), is a major energy corporation under the SASAC of the State Council.
Carrier-grade NAT (CGN), also known as large-scale NAT (LSN), is an approach to IPv4 network design in which end sites, in particular residential networks, are configured with private network addresses that are translated to public IPv4 addresses by middlebox network address translator devices embedded in the network operator's network, permitting the sharing of small pools of public addresses among many end sites.

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