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CIE may refer to:
The CIE 1931 color spaces were the first defined quantitative links between physical pure colors (i.e.
Cierra Alexa Ramírez (born March 9, 1995) is an American actress, model and singer. She may be best known for her role as Mariana Adams-Foster in the long running television series The Fosters.
Cienfuegos (American Spanish: [sjeɱˈfweɣos]), capital of Cienfuegos Province, is a city on the southern coast of Cuba.
The Cierva C.30 was an autogyro designed by Juan de la Cierva and built under licence from the Cierva Autogiro Company by A V Roe & Co Ltd (Avro), Lioré-et-Olivier and Focke-Wulf.
Cielo de Angelina or Angelina's Sky (international title) is a Filipino drama series created by Annette Gozon-Abrogar.
Ciena Corporation is a United States-based global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment, software and services that support the delivery and transport of voice, video and data service.
Ciechanów [t͡ɕeˈxanuf] is a city in north-central Poland with 45,900 inhabitants (2006). It is situated in Masovian Voivodeship (since 1999).
In colorimetry, CIECAM02 is the color appearance model published in 2002 by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) Technical Committee 8-01 (Color Appearance Modelling for Color Management Systems) and the successor of CIECAM97s.
Cieszyn [ˈt͡ɕɛʂɨn] (Czech: Těšín, German: Teschen, Yiddish: טעשין‎, Teschin, Latin: Tessin) is a border-town in southern Poland on the east bank of the Olza River, and the administrative seat of Cieszyn County, Silesian Voivodeship.

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