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CJUI-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 103.9 FM in Kelowna, British Columbia. The station, owned by Vista Broadcast Group, broadcasts an adult hits format branded as 103.9 Juice FM, with its motto or station slogan as "Kelowna's Biggest Variety".
CJUK-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 99.9 FM in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The station broadcasts a hot adult contemporary/adult CHR format with the brand name Magic 99.9. The station is owned by Acadia Broadcasting.
CJUM-FM 101.5 FM (UMFM) is a volunteer-driven campus radio station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, based at the University of Manitoba.
CJUL was an English-language Canadian radio station located in Cornwall, Ontario.
CJUV-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a classic hits format at 94.1 FM in Lacombe, Alberta.
CJUC-FM is Canadian radio station that broadcasts community radio programming on the frequency 92.5 FM at 50 watts in Whitehorse, Yukon.
CJUJ-FM, branded as Phantom FM, is a new low-powered radio station which broadcasts an English-language community radio format on the frequency of 103.3 MHz/FM in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.
c-Jun is a protein that in humans is encoded by the JUN gene. c-Jun in combination with c-Fos, forms the AP-1 early response transcription factor.
Jeju International Airport (Hangul: 제주국제공항, Hanja: 濟州國際空港, Revised Romanization of Korean: Jeju Gukje Gonghang, McCune-Reischauer: Cheju Kukche Konghang) (IATA: CJU, ICAO: RKPC) is the 2nd largest airport in South Korea, just behind Incheon Airport in Incheon.
Macdonald Airport, (TC LID: CJU3), is located 2 nautical miles (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) northwest of Macdonald, Manitoba, Canada.

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