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CKGM (branded as TSN Radio 690) is an English language AM radio station in Montreal, owned by Bell Media Radio.
CKGN-TV may refer to:
CKGB-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a hot adult contemporary format at 99.3 FM in Timmins, Ontario.
CKGF-2-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts an English language commercial FM radio active rock format at 102.3 MHz (FM) in Grand Forks, British Columbia.
CKGI-FM is a new community radio station which will operate at 98.7 MHz (FM) in Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.
CKGL is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts at 570 AM in Kitchener, Ontario. The station currently broadcasts a News/Talk format branded on-air as 570 News.
CKGR-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts on 106.3 MHz in Golden, British Columbia.
CKGS-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Saguenay, Quebec. The station serves the borough of La Baie.
CKGN-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 89.7 FM in Kapuskasing, Ontario and 94.7 FM in Smooth Rock Falls.
CKGW-FM is a Christian music radio station broadcasting at 89.3 FM in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. The station is owned by United Christian Broadcasters Canada (UCB).

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