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Clb5 and Clb6 are B-type, S-phase cyclins in yeast that assist in cell cycle regulation. Clb5 and Clb6 bind and activate Cdk1, and high levels of these cyclins are required for entering S-phase.
The Scunthorpe problem is the blocking of emails, forum posts or search results by a spam filter or search engine because words in their text contain a string of letters that are shared with an obscene word or one that is considered improper or inadmissible for other reasons.
Luminous blue variables (LBVs) are massive evolved stars that show unpredictable and sometimes dramatic variations in both their spectra and brightness.
Combat Logistics Battalion 7 (CLB 7) is a logistics battalion of the United States Marine Corps. The unit is based out of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California and falls under the command of the 1st Marine Logistics Group (1st MLG) and I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF).
Combat Logistics Battalion 15 (CLB-15) is a military logistics battalion in the United States Marine Corps based out of Camp Pendleton, California.
CLB may refer to:
Combat Logistics Battalion 2 (CLB-2) is a logistics unit of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) which provides direct combat service support to Regimental Combat Team 2 (RCT-2).
Combat Logistics Battalion 3 (CLB-3) is a logistics battalion in the United States Marine Corps. They are headquartered at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and fall under the command of Combat Logistics Regiment 3 and the 3rd Marine Logistics Group (3rd MLG).
Combat Logistics Battalion 24 (CLB-24) is a logistics battalion of the United States Marine Corps. They are part of Headquarters Regiment, 2nd Marine Logistics Group.
The Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America (CLBA) is a Lutheran denomination of Christians rooted in a spiritual awakening at the turn of the 20th century.

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