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CMC may refer to:
CMC Markets is a UK-based financial derivatives dealer. The company offers online trading in spread betting, contracts for difference (CFDs) and foreign exchange (forex) across world markets.
CMC Limited is an information technology services, consulting and software company having its headquarters in New Delhi, India.
The CMC Leopard was a British light personal business jet developed in the 1980s. Two prototypes were built and flown, but the type was never put into production.
CMC Electronics Inc. (French: CMC Électronique) is a Canadian electronics company and part of Esterline Corporation's Avionics & Controls business segment.
The CMC Zinger (Chinese: 中華雙贏, originally the Mitsubishi Zinger before 2015) is a compact MPV designed by Mitsubishi Motors in conjunction with the China Motor Corporation from Taiwan, based on the chassis of the Mitsubishi Challenger, and sold in Taiwan from December 24, 2005. The name derives from a "person or something full of energy and vitality".
Comcast Corporation (formerly registered as Comcast Holdings) is an American global telecommunications conglomerate that is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue.
CMC Connect Burson-Marsteller (also known as CMC Connect) is a premier perception management firm that provides communication solutions.
CMC International was an American independent record label founded by Tom Lipsky in 1991, focused mainly on classic rock, and classic heavy metal.
Cercle Municipal de Casablanca commonly known as CMC is a basketball club, part of the eponymous multi-sports club, based in Casablanca, Morocco.

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