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CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (or CpG ODN) are short single-stranded synthetic DNA molecules that contain a cytosine triphosphate deoxynucleotide ("C") followed by a guanine triphosphate deoxynucleotide ("G").
The CpG sites or CG sites are regions of DNA where a cytosine nucleotide is followed by a guanine nucleotide in the linear sequence of bases along its 5' → 3' direction.
CPG is an experiential marketing and communications agency specializing in the production of large-scale corporate meetings and internal communication programs centered around improving employee engagement.
CPg is a controversial underground punk rock group formed by guitarist Zoltán Benkő and bassist Antal Kis in Szeged, Hungary in 1979. Zoltán Nagy, vocalist Béla Haska and bassist Zoltán Varga joined in 1981. The group continues to perform today.
CPG Corporation (Chinese: 新加坡CPG集团私人有限公司) is the corporatised entity of the former Singapore Public Works Department.
CPG may stand for:
The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was the largest communist party in Great Britain, although it never became a mass party like those in France and Italy.
The Cod. Pal. germ. 359 (CPG 359) is an illustrated manuscript created in Strasbourg ca. 1418. It contains the texts Rosengarten zu Worms and Lucidarius.
CpG can be:
The Cod. Pal. germ. 339 (CPG 339) is an illustrated manuscript of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, created in Hagenau in the 1440s in the workshop of Diebold Lauber.

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