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The crwth (/ˈkruːθ/ or /ˈkrʊθ/), also called a crowd or rote, is a bowed lyre, a type of stringed instrument, associated particularly with Welsh music and with Folk music of England (especially related to the Middle Ages), now archaic but once widely played in Europe.
Crwn Thy Frnicatr is Psyclon Nine's third studio album, released on October 23, 2006 by US label, Metropolis Records, and on November 10, 2006 by German label, NoiTekk.
Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson ARA (13 August 1889 – 7 October 1946) was an English figure and landscape painter, etcher and lithographer, who was one of the most famous war artists of World War I.
This is a list of the schools in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
CRW can be:
William Williams (4 January 1875 – 13 January 1968), better known by his bardic name of "Crwys", meaning "Cross", was a Welsh poet in the Welsh language.
Carl Richard Woese (/ˈwoʊz/; July 15, 1928 – December 30, 2012) was an American microbiologist and biophysicist.
Charles Robert Wynn-Carington, 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire KG GCMG PC DL JP (16 May 1843 – 13 June 1928), known as the Lord Carrington from 1868 to 1895, and as the Earl Carrington from 1895 to 1912, was a British Liberal politician and aristocrat.
In digital photography, the Camera Image File Format (CIFF) file format is a raw image format designed by Canon, and also used as a container format to store metadata in APP0 of JPEG images.
Chatham Roberdeau Wheat (April 9, 1826 – June 27, 1862) was a captain in the United States Army Volunteers during the Mexican War, Louisiana State Representative, lawyer, mercenary in Cuba, Mexico, and Italy, adventurer, and major in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

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