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CTV may refer to:
CTV is an English-language broadcast television network in Canada launched in 1961. Since 2000 it is owned by the Bell Media division of BCE, Inc.
CTV Two (also known as "CTV 2") is a Canadian English language television system that is owned by the Bell Media subsidiary of Bell Canada.
CTV News is the news division of the CTV Television Network in Canada. The name CTV News is also applied as the title of local and regional newscasts on the network's owned-and-operated stations (O&Os), which are closely tied to the national news division.
CTV News Channel is a Canadian English language Category C specialty channel that is owned by Bell Media (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada).
CTVglobemedia (often abbreviated "CTVgm" or CGM), was one of Canada's largest private media companies.
The CTV Building was the headquarters of Canterbury Television (locally known as CTV) and other companies.
CTV Sports was the division of the CTV Television Network responsible for sports broadcasting. The division existed in its own right from 1961 to 2001; between 1998 and 2001, CTV Sports also operated a cable sports network, CTV Sportsnet, now owned by Rogers Media and known simply as Sportsnet.
CTV Two Alberta is a Canadian English language entertainment, information and educational television channel in the province of Alberta.
CTV Classic (Chinese: 中視經典台), formerly known as CTV MyLife (Chinese: 中視綜藝台), is a digital television channel operated by China Television (CTV) in Taiwan.

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