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The Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL) is the highest women's ice hockey league in Canada. The CWHL was founded in 2007. The league currently has five teams: two in Ontario, one in Quebec, one in Alberta and one in Boston, Massachusetts.
CWH may refer to:
The Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame (CWHF) recognizes women natives or residents of the U.S. state of Connecticut for their significant achievements or statewide contributions.
Wingham (Inglis Field) Aerodrome, (TC LID: CWH5), is a registered aerodrome located 1.2 nautical miles (2.2 km; 1.4 mi) northwest of Wingham, Ontario, Canada.
Chih-Wei Huang (黃志偉) is a developer and promoter of free software who lives in Taiwan. He is famous for his works on the VoIP and internationalization and localization fields in Greater China.
Clovis West High School (CWHS) is a co-educational, public high school part of the Clovis Unified School District in the well-established suburban community in northeast Fresno, California.
The Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (CWHSSA) is a United States federal law that covers hours and safety standards in construction contracts.
A C Wharton, Jr. is a Tennessee Democratic politician who was the 63rd mayor of Memphis, Tennessee and previously mayor of Shelby County, the first African American to serve in that office.
Sir Charles Arnold White was a British lawyer who served as the Advocate-General of Madras Presidency from 1898 to 1899 and as Chief Justice of the Madras High Court from 1899 to 1914.
CW Hood Yachts is a boat builder, designer, and broker in Marblehead, Massachusetts. They produce a range of power and sailing vessels, from the 26 foot Wasque 26 through to the larger Hood 43, along with custom designs.

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