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Casimir Albrecht Willem Jeekel (1922–2010) was a Dutch myriapodologist and entomologist known for his major contributions to the taxonomy of millipedes.
Charles W. "C. W." Jensen is a retired captain of the Portland Police Bureau in the U.S. state of Oregon.
C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute is a semestered public secondary school in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Field Marshal Sir Claud William Jacob, GCB, GCSI, KCMG (21 November 1863 – 2 June 1948) was a British Indian Army officer.
Charles William Jefferys (August 25, 1869 – October 8, 1951) was a Canadian painter, illustrator, author, and teacher best known as a historical illustrator.
Charles W. Juels (1944 – January 21, 2009) was an American amateur astronomer and psychiatrist by profession, who became a prolific discoverer of minor planets after his retirement.
Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic (CWF Mid-Atlantic, formerly known as the Carolina Wrestling Federation and FWA-Carolinas) is an American independent professional wrestling promotion founded by Jeff Rudd in 2000. The promotion is based in the southeastern United States, largely covering the Carolinas and Virginia, with its headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina.
Cwm Rhondda, taken from the Welsh name for the Rhondda Valley, is a popular hymn tune written by John Hughes.
Cwmbran (/kʊmˈbrɑːn, ˌkuːmˈbrɑːn/; Welsh: Cwmbrân [kʊmˈbrɑːn], also in use as an alternative spelling in English) is a new town in Wales.
In topology, a CW complex is a type of topological space introduced by J. H. C. Whitehead to meet the needs of homotopy theory.

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