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Resovia Rzeszow is a Polish sports (football, volleyball and basketball) club, based in Rzeszów, Poland.
CWK may refer to:
Legia Warszawa /ˈlɛɡjə/ (Polish pronunciation: [ˈlɛɡʲja varˈʂava]), known in English as Legia Warsaw, is a professional football club based in Warsaw, Poland.
WKYT-TV is the CBS-affiliated television station in Lexington, Kentucky, United States, serving the east-central part of Kentucky.
The King City weather radar station (ICAO site identifier CWKR) is a weather radar located in King City, Ontario, Canada.
Charles William Kahles (pronounced Kah'-less) (January 12, 1878 – January 21, 1931) was a prolific cartoonist responsible for numerous comic strips, notably Hairbreadth Harry.
AppleWorks refers to two different office suite products, both of which are now discontinued. The first program known as AppleWorks is an integrated software package for the Apple II platform, released in 1984 by Apple Computer.
Charles William "C. W." Kimmins (3 August 1856 - 12 January 1948) was an educational psychologist and was appointed chief inspector of the education department of the now defunct London County Council in 1904. He was appointed Chief Inspector at the Education Department of the LCC in 1904.
Clennon Washington King Sr. (July 1, 1891 – March 20, 1975) was a political activist, Tuskeegee Institute student and chauffeur of Booker T.
Coke Studio India, officially titled Coke Studio @ MTV, is an Indian television series, which features live studio-recorded music performances by various artists.

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