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Cyd is a given name, and may refer to:
Cydonie Camille Mothersille (born 19 March 1978) is a female track and field athlete from the Cayman Islands.
Cyd Charisse (born Tula Ellice Finklea; March 8, 1922 – June 17, 2008) was an American actress and dancer.
Cydonia (/sᵻˈdoʊniə/, /saɪˈdoʊniə/) is a region on the planet Mars that has attracted both scientific and popular interest.
Cydia /sɪˈdi.ə/ is a package manager mobile app for iOS that enables a user to find and install software packages on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPods.
Cydra Vaux (28 June 1962 – 13 July 2013) was a feminist sculptor and art teacher. She became a member of the Society of Sculptors in 2001 and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists in 1999.
Cydias (Greek: Κυδίας), a native of Cythnus, who was living in 364 BC, may be presumed to have been a painter of considerable ability, as one of his pictures, representing 'Jason and his followers embarking for Colchis, in search of the Golden Fleece,' was purchased at Rome by the orator Hortensius for 144,000 sesterces.
Cydalima mysteris is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Meyrick in 1886. It is found on Vanuatu.
"Lasperesia" and "Lespeyresia" redirect here. These are misspellings of Laspeyresia, which was invalidly established for the genus Cydia and actually refers to the noctuid moth genus Laspeyria.
Cydalima perspectalis or the box tree moth is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. It is native to eastern Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, the Russian Far East and India).

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