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Cyw (Welsh for "Chick", Welsh pronunciation: [kɨʊ]) is the name of a Welsh language Children's television block from S4C (Channel 4 Wales), which launched on 23 June 2008.
Cyworld (Hangul: 싸이월드) is a South Korean social network service operated by SK Communications (Hangul: SK커뮤니케이션즈), a subsidiary of SK Telecom (Hangul: SK텔레콤).
The Cyworld Digital Music Awards are a record chart that is calculated by combining the digital sales and background music selections for users of the Cyworld South Korean social network.
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (commonly known as Winnipeg International Airport or simply Winnipeg Airport) (IATA: YWG, ICAO: CYWG) is an international airport located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Child and Youth Care (CYC) is a profession or craft which focuses on the developmental needs of children and families within the space and time of their daily lives.
Tomasz Wojciech Cywka (Polish pronunciation: [ˈtɔmaʂ ˈtsɨfka]; born 27 June 1988) is a Polish professional footballer who plays for Wisła Kraków.
The cywydd (IPA: [ˈkəwɨ̞ð]; plural cywyddau) is one of the most important metrical forms in Welsh traditional poetry (cerdd dafod).
Zivia Lubetkin (Polish: Cywia Lubetkin IPA: [ˈt͡sɨvja luˈbɛtkʲin], Hebrew: צביה לובטקין‎‎, nom de guerre: Celina; 1914–1976) was one of the leaders of the Jewish underground in Nazi-occupied Warsaw and the only woman on the High Command of the resistance group Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa (ŻOB).
Cywarch is a location at the head of Cwm Cywarch in the Snowdonia National Park, in Gwynedd, Wales. Several streams flow through the area, uniting to form Afon Cywarch, a tributary of the River Dovey.
Cywiny Wojskie [t͡sɨˈvinɨ ˈvɔi̯skʲɛ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Baboszewo, within Płońsk County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland.

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