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Cyzicus (/ˈsɪzᵻkəs/; Ancient Greek: Κύζικος Kyzikos; Ottoman Turkish: آیدینجق‎, Aydıncıḳ) was an ancient town of Mysia in Anatolia in the current Balıkesir Province of Turkey.
Cyzenis is a genus of flies in the family Tachinidae.
City Year is an education-focused organization founded in 1988 dedicated to helping students and schools succeed.
Cyzenis albicans is a species of fly in the family Tachinidae.
A Cyzicene hall is the architectural term borrowed from the Latin (Oecus Cyzicenus) given by Vitruvius to the large hall, used by the Greeks, which faced the north, with a prospect towards the gardens; the windows of this hall opened down to the ground, so that the green verdure could be seen by those lying on the couches.
Cyzicidae is a family of crustaceans in the order Spinicaudata. They are distinguished from the family Leptestheriidae by the absence of a rostral spine.
Canadian Forces Base Greenwood (IATA: YZX, ICAO: CYZX), or CFB Greenwood, is a Canadian Forces Base located 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km; 1.7 mi) east Greenwood, Nova Scotia.
Yellowknife Airport (IATA: YZF, ICAO: CYZF) is located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The airport is part of the National Airports System, and is operated by the Government of the Northwest Territories.
King Cyzicus ruled over the Dolionians, a tribe that inhabited the southern shore of the Propontis. He gave his name to a city of the same name, Cyzicus, his capital.
Cyzicus is a genus of clam shrimps in the family Cyzicidae. Identified by Jean Victoire Audouin in 1837, the genus was reidentified as Caenestheriella by Eugen von Daday in 1910.

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