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Daqin (Chinese: 大秦; pinyin: Dàqín; Wade–Giles: Ta4-ch'in2; alternative transliterations include Tachin, Tai-Ch'in) is the ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire or, depending on context, the Near East, especially Syria.
Daqing (Chinese: 大庆; pinyin: Dàqìng; formerly romanized as Taching) is a prefecture-level city in the west of Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China.
The Taipei Metro Daqiaotou Station (Chinese: 大橋頭站; pinyin: Dàqiáotóu Zhàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Toā-kiô-thâu Chām) is a station on the Xinzhuang Line located in Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan.
Daq-e Bohlul (Persian: دق بهلول‎‎, also Romanized as Daq-e Bohlūl) is a village in Khangiran Rural District, in the Central District of Sarakhs County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran.
Daqiao (simplified Chinese: 大桥; traditional Chinese: 大橋; pinyin: Dàqiáo; literally: "great or large bridge") is a town of Gutian County in mountainous northeastern Fujian province, China, located 17 kilometres (11 mi) east-northeast of the county seat in the west-central part of the county.
Daqiao Subdistrict (simplified Chinese: 大桥街道; traditional Chinese: 大橋街道; pinyin: Dàqiáo Jiēdào; Shanghainese: du3jiau1 ka1dau2) is a subdistrict of Yangpu District, Shanghai.
Daqiao Township (simplified Chinese: 大桥乡; traditional Chinese: 大橋鄉; pinyin: Dàqiáo Xiāng; literally: "great or large bridge") is a township of Xihe County in southeastern Gansu province, China, located about 29 kilometres (18 mi) due south of the county seat and 51 km (32 mi) northeast of Longnan.
Daqing Bridge Station (Chinese: 大卿桥站) is a station on Line 1 of the Ningbo Rail Transit that started operations on 30 May 2014. It is situated under Zhongshan West Road (Chinese: 中山西路) in Haishu District of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, eastern China.
DAQRI (or Daqri) is an American augmented reality company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
DaQuan Steven Jones (born December 27, 1991) is an American football defensive end for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL).

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