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DFI may refer to:
DFI, or Diamond Flower Inc., is a motherboard manufacturer based in Taiwan, designing and manufacturing of computer hardware products such as motherboards, Smart Grids, Slot Machines, Automated Teller Machines, High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion systems and industrial PCs.
DFINE, Inc. was an American medical device company with headquarters in San Jose, California. It was known for its development of minimally invasive therapeutic devices built upon a radiofrequency platform for the treatment of spinal diseases.
Derek Lamar Fisher (born August 9, 1974) is an American basketball coach and former player. He most recently served as the head coach of the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Direction finding (DF), or radio direction finding (RDF), is the measurement of the direction from which a received signal was transmitted.
The Department for International Development (DfID) is a United Kingdom government department responsible for administering overseas aid.
Doubly-fed electric machines are electric motors or electric generators where both the field magnet windings and armature windings are separately connected to equipment outside the machine.
In physics, the electric displacement field, denoted by D, is a vector field that appears in Maxwell's equations.
The Danish Film Institute (Danish: Det Danske Filminstitut) is the national Danish agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture, and for conserving these in the national interest.
D' Fightin' Ones is a 1961 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Sylvester and an unnamed bulldog. The cartoon was directed by Friz Freleng.

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