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DGQ-20 is a 1996 compilation album by American musician David Grisman, recorded with his group David Grisman Quintet.
The David Grisman Quintet is a self-styled alternative bluegrass/acoustic jazz band founded by David Grisman in 1975 in San Francisco, California, USA.
The Duquesne Spy Ring is the largest espionage case in United States history that ended in convictions.
Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit (/djuːˈkeɪn/) is a private Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
Deqen may refer to:
Duquesne City School District is a tiny, suburban public school district in the state of Pennsylvania.
Deoxyguanosine kinase, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the DGUOK gene.
Daqin (Chinese: 大秦; pinyin: Dàqín; Wade–Giles: Ta4-ch'in2; alternative transliterations include Tachin, Tai-Ch'in) is the ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire or, depending on context, the Near East, especially Syria.
Duque de Caxias ("Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias") is a bairro in the District of Sede in the municipality of Santa Maria, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Daqing (Chinese: 大庆; pinyin: Dàqìng; formerly romanized as Taching) is a prefecture-level city in the west of Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China.

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