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The meaning of «dnl»

DNL, dnl, or similar, may refer to:
dnL was the name of a soft drink produced by Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages in the United States.
In computing, a directory is a file system cataloging structure which contains references to other computer files, and possibly other directories.
The Danish National Library Authority (Danish: Biblioteksstyrelse) is an inter-disciplinary public and research library institution and an independent agency under the Danish Ministry of Culture.
7 Up (stylized as 7up outside of the U.S.) is a brand of lemon-lime flavored, non-caffeinated soft drink.
The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD or DISD) is a school district based in Dallas, Texas (USA).
Dillard University is a private, historically black liberal arts college in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.
Dallas (/ˈdæləs/) is a major city in the state of Texas and is the largest urban center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States.
Delhi (/ˈdɛli/, Hindustani pronunciation: [d̪ɪlliː] Dilli), officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a city and a union territory of India.
Dulce María Espinosa Saviñón (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈdulθe maˈɾi.a saβiˈɲon]; born December 6, 1985) is a Mexican actress and singer-songwriter.

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