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DRM may refer to:
DRMAA or Distributed Resource Management Application API is a high-level Open Grid Forum API specification for the submission and control of jobs to a Distributed Resource Management (DRM) system, such as a Cluster or Grid computing infrastructure.
DrMaster Publications Inc. was an American distributor of manga and manhua with offices in the United States, Republic of China and Japan.
Drmeni (Macedonian: Дрмени) is a village in the Resen Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia, north of Lake Prespa.
Drmić or Drmic is a surname.
Multiuser DOS is a real-time multi-user multi-tasking operating system for IBM PC-compatible microcomputers.
Digital rights management (DRM) schemes are various access control technologies that are used to restrict usage of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works.
DR-DOS (DR DOS, without hyphen up to and including v6.0) is an operating system of the DOS family, written for IBM PC-compatible personal computers.
Drmanovina (Serbian Cyrillic: Дрмановина) is a mountain in western Serbia, near the town of Kosjerić. Its highest peak Grad has an elevation of 1,022 m (3,353 ft) above sea level.
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a webcomic written and drawn by Christopher Hastings, and inked formerly by Kent Archer and since 2010 by Hastings himself.

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