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Developing Virtue Secondary School (DVS, Chinese: 培德中學; pinyin: Peide Zhongxue) is a private Buddhist school located in the town of Talmage, California, and the first Buddhist high school founded in the United States.
A variable-gain or voltage-controlled amplifier is an electronic amplifier that varies its gain depending on a control voltage (often abbreviated CV).
DVG may refer to:
The Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW) is the German association for gas and water with headquarters in Bonn.
Devanahalli Venkataramanaiah Gundappa, popularly known as DVG, was a Kannada writer and philosopher. His most notable work is the Mankuthimmana Kagga ("Dull Thimma's Rigmarole", 1943), which is similar to the wisdom poems of the late medieval poet Sarvajna.
Dorsett Vandeventer "Tubby" Graves (November 27, 1886 – January 16, 1960) was a college head coach in baseball, football, and basketball, and a player of football and baseball.
Damodar Vithaldas Gajjar is a master craftsman and artist belonging to a family of craftsmen in Pethapur, a village near Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
dV Giochi, formerly daVinci Games, is an Italian publisher of board games and card games.
In computing, a Digital Object Identifier or DOI is a persistent identifier or handle used to uniquely identify objects, standardized by the ISO.
The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris) is a member of genus Canis (canines) that forms part of the wolf-like canids, and is the most widely abundant carnivore.

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