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Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video display interface developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG).
Dvira Ovadia (born 1979 in Israel) is a television personality and an award winning/celebrity designer.
Dvinia is an extinct genus of cynodont therapsid of the family Dviniidae found in Sokolki on the Northern Dvina River near Kotlas in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia.
For the modern-day village in the Republic of Armenia, see Dvin (village).
Dvir Abramovich is an Australian Jewish studies academic, columnist and editor. Abramovich is a graduate of Monash University and The University of Melbourne and is currently Director of the Program for Jewish Culture and Society at The University of Melbourne.
Dviete Parish (Latvian: Dvietes pagasts) is an administrative unit of the Daugavpils District, Latvia.
In Hindu mythology, Dvivida is a brother of Maindha. His friend was Narakasura. He was killed by Balarama as he had raped and assaulted people of aristocracy.
Dvija (Sanskrit: द्विज) means "twice-born". The concept is premised on the belief that a person is first born physically and at a later date is born for a second time spiritually, usually when he undergoes the rite of passage that initiates him into a school for Vedic studies.
DViant Films is an independent film production company founded in 2005 by Julien Favre, Luca Matrundola and Pascal Vaguelsy.
dvipng is a cross-platform program for converting the DVI output of the TeX typesetting system into PNG image format.

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