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FJ may refer to:
Geologically, a fjord or fiord (English pronunciation: /ˈfjɔːrd/ or /fiˈɔːrd/) is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion.
The southern coast of Chile presents a large number of fjords and fjord-like channels from the latitudes of Cape Horn (55° S) to Reloncaví Estuary (42° S).
Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen (born 11 June 1975) is a prominent Counter-jihad Norwegian blogger who writes under the pseudonym Fjordman and who has been characterized as far-right and anti-Islamic.
The Fjord horse or Norwegian Fjord Horse is a relatively small but very strong horse breed from the mountainous regions of western Norway.
Fjölnir (Old Norse: Fjǫlnir, lit. "Manifold" or "Multiplier") is a legendary king in Norse mythology said to have been the son of Freyr (Frey) and his consort Gerðr (Gertha).
Fan Ji (反击, meaning counter strike) anti-ballistic missile (FJ ABM) was the missile used in the HQ-81 ABM system (ABMS), which was the land based component of 640-1 ABMS project, which in turn, was part of the Chinese 640 ABMS project in the 1960s.
This is about the legacy Flying J Inc., which remains in operation as FJ Management Inc. For the current truck stop chain, see Pilot Flying J.
Fjærland is region in the municipality of Sogndal, at the end of the Fjærlandsfjorden, in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway.
The Fjäll (Swedish: Fjällko or Svensk Fjällras) is a traditional Swedish breed of polled mountain cattle.

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