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HN or Hn may refer to:
HNK Hajduk Split, commonly referred to as Hajduk Split (Croatian pronunciation: [xǎjduːk splît]) or simply Hajduk, is a professional Croatian football club founded in 1911, and based in the city of Split.
Hrvatski Nogometni Klub Rijeka (English: Croatian Football Club Rijeka), commonly referred to as HNK Rijeka or simply Rijeka, is a Croatian football club, from the coastal city of Rijeka.
Hndrxx (stylization of Hendrix and stylized as HNDRXX) is the sixth studio album by American rapper Future.
HNK Hajduk Split is a Croatian football club founded based in the city of Split, that competes in Prva HNL, top football league in the country.
HNoMS Heimdal was a Norwegian warship built at Akers mekaniske verksted in Kristiania, Norway in 1892 with build number 137.
HNoMS Honningsvåg was a naval trawler that served throughout the Second World War as a patrol boat in the Royal Norwegian Navy.
HNA Group Co., Ltd., is a Chinese conglomerate headquartered in Haikou, Hainan, China. Founded in 2000, it is involved in the aviation, real estate, financial services, tourism, logistics, and other industries.
HNoMS Sleipner was a destroyer commissioned into the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1936. The lead ship of the Sleipner class, she gained near-legendary status in Norway by enduring over two weeks of intense air attack by Luftwaffe bombers following the 9 April 1940 invasion of Norway.
The Hnatyshyn Foundation Visual Arts Awards, the Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Artist and the Award for Curatorial Excellence in Contemporary Art are two annual arts awards of $25,000 and $10,000 that recognize mid-career Canadian visual artists and curators.

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