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LJ may refer to:
Ljubljana (pronounced [ljuˈbljàːna], locally also: [luˈblàːna]; also known by other, historical names) is the capital and largest city of Slovenia.
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (IATA: LJU, ICAO: LJLJ) (Slovene: Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana), also known by its previous name Brnik Airport, is the international airport of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
Ljungby (Swedish pronunciation: [jʉːŋ.byː]) is the central locality of Ljungby Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden, with 15,785 inhabitants in 2015.
Luka Maksimović (Serbian Cyrillic: Лука Максимовић, pronounced [lûːka maksǐːmoʋit͜ɕ], born 1991) is a Serbian comedian and political activist best known for his role as the satirical fictional politician named Ljubiša Preletačević "Beli" (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубиша Прелетачевић "Бели", pronounced [ʎǔbiʃa preletǎːt͡ʃeʋit͜ɕ bêːliː]).
LJN Toys, Ltd. was an American toy company and video game publisher in operation from 1970 to 1995. It manufactured toy lines and released battery operated water guns and video games based on licensed properties from movies, television shows, and celebrities.
The Stadion Ljudski vrt (English: People's Garden, German: Volksgarten; abbreviation: LV) is an association football stadium located on the left bank of the river Drava in the district of Koroška Vrata, Maribor, Slovenia, with a seating capacity of 12,702. The ground has been the home of NK Maribor for every season since their formation on 12 December 1960, with the exception of two short periods in early 1961 during the construction of the new stands and early 2008, when the stadium underwent a major reconstruction.
Ljubodrag "Duci" Simonović (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубодраг Дуци Симоновић; born 1 January 1949) is a Serbian philosopher, author and retired basketball player.
Ljubo Milicevic (Croatian: Ljubo Miličević; born 13 February 1981) is an Australian footballer who currently plays for National Premier Leagues Victoria 2 team Dandenong City SC.
Ljubomir Fejsa (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубомир Фејса, Rusyn: Любомир Фейса; born 14 August 1988) is a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Portuguese club Benfica and the Serbia national team.

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