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A Queen's Counsel (postnominal QC), or King's Counsel (postnominal KC) during the reign of a king, is an eminent lawyer (usually a barrister) who is appointed by the Queen to be one of "Her Majesty's Counsel learned in the law." The term is also recognised as an honorific.
The QCD vacuum is the vacuum state of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). It is an example of a non-perturbative vacuum state, characterized by a non-vanishing condensates such as the gluon condensate and the quark condensate in the complete theory which includes quarks.
Quark matter or QCD matter refers to any of a number of theorized phases of matter whose degrees of freedom include quarks and gluons.
The QClash is the name given to the Australian rules football rivalry match between the Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns, who both participate in the Australian Football League (AFL).
qCO (quantium Medical Cardiac Output) uses impedance cardiography in a simple, continuous, and non-invasive way to estimate the Cardiac output (CO) and other hemodynamic parameters such as the Stroke Volume (SV) and Cardiac index (CI).
QCT is a provider of data center hardware and cloud solutions that are used by hyperscale data center operators, such as Facebook and Rackspace.
QC Anime-zing! is an anime convention organized in the Quad Cities. The convention offers anime screenings, video games, a dealers room, guest panels, fan panels, cosplay competitions, and many other events typical of an anime convention.
The QCW-05 (Chinese: 微声冲锋枪, 2005; pinyin: Wēishēng Chōngfēng Qiāng, 2005; literally: "Suppressed Assault Gun, 2005") (officially translated in pinyin as Qiāng Chōngfēng Wēishēng, literally 'Gun, Assault, Suppressed') (also referred to as the Type 05) is a suppressed bullpup submachine gun, manufactured and developed by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) 208 Research Institute and Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation of Chongqing under the China South Industries Group for the People's Liberation Army Ground Force, the People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and the People's Armed Police.
QCAD is a free computer-aided design (CAD) software application for 2D design and drafting. It is available for Linux, Apple OS X, Unix and Microsoft Windows.
The QCDOC (quantum chromodynamics on a chip) is a supercomputer technology focusing on using relatively cheap low power processing elements to produce a massively parallel machine.

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