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XP may refer to:
XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting nodes from an XML document. In addition, XPath may be used to compute values (e.g., strings, numbers, or Boolean values) from the content of an XML document.
XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO) is a U.S. corporation and one of the world's ten largest providers of transportation and logistics services.
The Xperia Play is a smartphone with elements of a handheld game console produced by Sony Ericsson. With the marketshare for dedicated handheld game consoles diminishing into the 2010s due to the rapid expansion of mobile phones with cheap downloadable games, Sony attempted to tackle the issue with two separate devices; a dedicated video game console with elements of a smartphone, called the PlayStation Vita, and a smartphone with elements of a handheld console, the Xperia Play.
XpressWest (formerly known as DesertXpress) is a private venture proposal backed by Las Vegas, Nevada hotel developer Marnell to build a privately funded high-speed rail passenger train in the Western United States to connect Palmdale, Los Angeles and Victorville, California to Las Vegas and later to Phoenix, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado.
xPL is an open protocol intended to permit the control and monitoring of home automation devices. The primary design goal of xPL is to provide a rich set of features and functionality, whilst maintaining an elegant, uncomplicated message structure.
Xposé is an Irish entertainment, fashion and beauty programme, broadcast weekday evenings on TV3, and 3e (TV3's sister channel).
Xploration Station is an American syndicated programming block that is programmed by Steve Rotfeld Productions, operated by Fox, and debuted on September 13, 2014. It airs weekends (typically on Saturday mornings), primarily on Fox-affiliated stations.
Enrique Cedeño Martinez (born April 24, 1992), usually known by his gaming handle xPeke, is a Spanish professional gamer who plays the Multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.
XPB (xeroderma pigmentosum type B) is an ATP-dependent DNA helicase in humans that is a part of the TFIIH transcription factor complex.

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