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XT may refer to:
XTC were an English rock band formed in Swindon in 1972 and active until 2006. Led by songwriters Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, the band emerged from the late 1970s punk and new wave explosion, later playing in a variety of styles that ranged from angular guitar riffs to elaborately arranged pop.
Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC) is a premier international mixed martial arts (MMA) organization based in Spring Lake, Michigan, with offices throughout the United States and South America.
XTRMNTR (pronounced "Exterminator") is the sixth studio album by Primal Scream. In a departure from Primal Scream's earlier hedonistic recordings, the band took a more political stance, attacking government, police, and multinational corporations.
XTO Energy Inc. is an energy company, principally operating in the United States, specializing in the drilling and production of unconventional oil and natural gas assets, typically from shale rock through a process known as hydraulic fracturing.
XTC released fourteen original albums and over thirty singles for Virgin Records, between 1977 and 1992. They signed to Cooking Vinyl for their final two albums in 1999 and 2000.
Xtort (stylized as XTOЯT), released on June 25, 1996 on Wax Trax!/TVT, is the ninth studio album by industrial rock group KMFDM.
Xtube is a Netherlands-based pornographic video hosting service which was established in 2006, and is notable for being the first site to allow users to upload and share adult videos.
Xtract Resources plc (former names: Resmex plc and Xtract Energy plc) is a diversified metals and minerals producer based in London, United Kingdom.
For the defunct British auto maker see:Xtra (automobile)

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