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AVICII Invector is a 2019 multi-player music video game developed by Swedish studio, Hello There Games, with Wired Productions, in memory of Swedish DJ, Avicii.[1] The game was released on 10 December 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. An "Encore Edition" featuring an additional 10 tracks, which will also be available separately as DLC for existing owners, will be released on 8 September 2020 on all existing platforms, and Nintendo Switch.[2] The game was originally released for PlayStation 4 on December 6, 2017 as "Invector", with only 22 tracks.[3] The 2019 version was given for free to owners of the original version.[4]

AVICII Invector allows the player to journey across six different worlds. The player has to race through the music track and is tasked with matching the "musical beat". AVICII Invector features 25 of Avicii's songs.[5] In Encore Edition, was featured 35 Avicii's songs, added 10 songs (including "Peace of Mind", "Freak" and the chart topping "SOS") and a new world.[6]

^a Was added On 10 December 2019 as a release of Avicii Invector (Originally it was "Invector" for PS4).

^b Was added On 8 September 2020 as a release of Encore Edition.

^d Hidden song exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version[7]

Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the game a score of 80 out of 100, based on 5 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[8]

Jenni Lada of the PlayStation LifeStyle wrote, "AVICII Invector really nails is a sense of style. It’s a futuristic and minimalistic game following a spaceship pilot who is traveling through the songs you play".[9] Jade King of the TrustedReviews wrote, "It's heartbreaking that Avicii isn't around to experience a project that he had so much passion for come to fruition, but he'd be proud of what's been accomplished here. It harkens back to rhythm gaming greats while scorching ahead on a path of its own, and for a good cause to boot".[10]

Rebecca April May of TheGuardian.com wrote, "With so much emphasis on art and audio, there was always a risk of style over substance".[11] Sean Munro of the Flickering Myth wrote the game's several cons including "Disappointing lack of challenge", "Hard difficulty is pointlessly gated off", and "No online multiplayer".[12]

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