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Album (also known as Compact Disc or Cassette depending on the format) is the fifth album by the English rock band Public Image Ltd, released on 27 January 1986. In a departure from their previous releases, John Lydon was advised by trusted music producer Bill Laswell to take on an all-star cast of session and trusted musicians, including Steve Vai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tony Williams and Ginger Baker. The resulting album gave PiL one of its highest charting songs, "Rise".

Most of the songs were written by Lydon with Mark Schulz and Jebin Bruni and registered in September and October 1985, such as "Round and Round (European Cars)",[9] "Fairweather Friend",[10] "Fishing",[10] "Black Rubber Bag",[11] and "Things in Ease".[11] "Fairweather Friend" featured originally music written by Schulz and Bruni. An unrecorded Lydon/Schulz composition "Animal"[11] was registered too. Schulz and PIL tour bassist Bret Helm had previously registered a further (presumably non-PIL, therefore unused) composition called “Cat Rap”.[12]

John Lydon: “Most of the songs on the 'Album', for instance, were written at home and put onto demonstration tapes. But I didn't think the [1984/85 touring] band were good enough or experienced enough really to, like, record the song properly. And that's why I use session people. [By using session musicians] the songs obviously changed — their shape, and not their direction.”[13] “I had a live band before recording took place and a lot of material together before going into the studio. But the band was totally inexperienced, they would have put the budget up by an incredible amount. So we decided to use session people.”[14] “I make records for myself. I want them to be completely precise. Accuracy is very important to me. Otherwise it's bad work and a waste of my time, and I really don't want to waste my time. There must be a conclusion to what you do, no vagueness. There must be a sense of completeness. Every song is an emotion and it has to succeed as that, otherwise you've failed. It's bad work. That annoys me. Bad work from anyone just annoys me. I just don't need it.”[15]

Producer Bill Laswell: “When we did PiL he had put a band together in California of some kids. And I had sort of decided to make a heavy group, so I invited Tony Williams, Ginger Baker, Steve Vai, and all these people came. We fired John's band and there were many nights of really harsh arguing in bars. When the smoke cleared, we made sort of a classic record, an unusual record for the time.”[16] Ginger Baker's inclusion was coincidental, given that the New Musical Express had published an April Fools joke press release in 1981 indicating that Baker was joining the band.

The album's artwork was deliberately generic, with each release being named after its format. The original LP and 7" labels simply read "Label". The packaging concept was a pastiche of the generic brand products manufactured in the early 1980s; it was visually similar to those sold at the Ralphs supermarket chain (dark-blue lettering and light blue stripe over white ground) in the USA.

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