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Abdulah "Avdo" Sumbul (27 April 1884 — 8 February 1915)[2] was Serb Muslim[3][4] literature journal editor and national activist in Austrian annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sumbul belonged to a group of Serb Muslims who were targeted as enemies by Austria Hungary and persecuted because of their ethnicity. He died in Austro-Hungarian concentration camp in Arad.

Sumbul and his family that included his sister, for certain period of time lived in Sarajevo suburb known as Kovači.[5]

Sumbul was one of the founders of Muslim Sokol movement in Sarajevo.[6] He was member of Young Bosnia.[7] In 1912, after the death of Osman Đikić, the editing of Gajret was entrusted to Avdo Sumbul.[8] In 1914 he was one of the editors of the magazine Vakat, published in Sarajevo.[9]

Vladimir Ćorović emphasize that government of Austria-Hungary perceived and treated Muslims who self-declared themselves as Serbs as enemies of the interest of their state and organized their systematic persecution.[10] Because of his anti-Austrian and pro-Serbian activities, Sumbul was interned to concentration camp in Arad.[11][12][13] where he soon died.[14]

Sumbul's remains were transferred to Sarajevo where his grave is today, in the courtyard of Ali Pasha Mosque.[15] In 1934, based on the order of Yugoslav king Alexander I of Yugoslavia, a turbe mausoleum was built in honor of Avdo Sumbul and Behdžed Mutavelić.[16] This mausoleums are part of symbolic unity with Chapel of Vidovdan's martyrs on Koševo Christian Orthodox cemetery.[17]

A street in Sarajevo bears Sumbul's name in his honor.[18]

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