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Avhustynivka rural council

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The Avhustynivka Rural Council (Ukrainian: Августинівська сільська рада, Avhustynivs’ka sil’ska rada; officially, Avhustynivka Village Council) is one of 16 rural local government areas of the Zaporizhia Raion (district) of Zaporizhia Oblast in southern Ukraine.[3] Its population was 3,008 in the 2001 Ukrainian Census.[3]

It was established by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, on 7 December 1990.[4] The council's administrative center is located in the village of Avhustynivka.

Its local government council consists of 20 locally-elected deputies.[3] The council is represented by the No.82 single-mandate constituency for parliamentary elections in Ukraine.[5]

The Avhustynivka Rural Council's jurisdiction includes six villages (Ukrainian: село, selo):[6]

In addition, the rural settlement (Ukrainian: селище, selysche) of Vidradne (pop. 1,375) falls under the council's jurisdiction.[6]

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