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Avicine, tested and developed by AVI BioPharma, and also known as CTP-37 was trialled as a possible cancer vaccine to treat a number of different cancers.[1] These included colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer.[1] The treatment was trialled as and intended to be induced via intramuscular injection[1] into the bloodstream, the location dependent on the treatment area.[2]

Common side effects during clinical trials included fever and chills as experienced with many other conventional vaccines.[1] The vaccine operated by eliciting antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) a cancer associated protein expressed by most cancer cells, with the goal of prolonged survival for sufferers.[3]

Avicine was originated by AVI BioPharma in the USA,[3] who licensed the product to SuperGen.[4] However, due to delays in clinical testing, as a result of research difficulties, the owners of Avicine were forced to direct their attention to other areas being the investigation and treatment of cardiovascular and infectious disease indications.[1][4]

Avicine never reached the commercial treatment phase as research was discontinued on 15 January 2007.[1] The cancers Avicine was designed to manage were, pancreatic, colorectaland prostate cancer. In a one-year, Phase II Avicine cancer vaccine study, a group of patients were treated with Avicine alongside the combination of Gemcitabine (Gemzar),[2] the results yielding that Avicine could be induced alongside Gemzar, in the prostate region. As the 3rd and 4th clinical trials were not done this was never done as a commercial treatment.[1]

Patients who were pregnant were not to be treated by Avicine, as it elicits antibodies against hCG,[1] a cancer associated oncofoetal protein that is also prevalent during the development of a child in the womb.[5]

As of 2007, due to the discontinued state of Avicine research, drug interactions have not been studied.[1]

Results from a multi-center phase II study in test subjects with metastatic colorectal cancer in USA exposed that of 64 patients some experienced fevers and chills. Overall, the vaccines were tolerated well by the patients. 69% (55 of the 73 patients).[5]

After successfully completing a Phases I and II trials for the use of Avicine in colorectal cancer, a phase III licensing trail began to investigate Avicine as a first line treatment for colorectal patientsalongside chemotherapy in January 2001.[1] The trial was randomised where the patients would either receive Avicine in combination with chemotherapy or chemotherapy unaided. However, Phase III was discontinued as of 15 January 2007.[1]

A multi-centre Phase II clinical trial of Avicine was conducted by Avi Biopharma, including 55 patients in the US. The trial was conducted 10 patients with pancreatic cancer saw positive results in a pilot phase II trial of Avicine.[2]

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