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Avlabari (Georgian: ავლაბარი Avlabari) is a neighborhood of Old Tbilisi on the left bank (east side) of the Kura River. The 11th-13th century chronicles mention it as Isani, which is now one of the larger municipal regions of Tbilisi. Nowadays one of the upcoming hip neighborhoods of the city, Avlabari is being extensively gentrified.

Avlabari (Armenian: Հավլաբար Havlabar) was long known as the center of Armenian life of Tbilisi.[1] The Armenian Pantheon of Tbilisi is located in Avlabari. Until recently Avlabari was populated heavily by Armenians, but recently their number have diminished.[citation needed]

The churches in the Avlabari district include:

The neighborhood is served by the Avlabari metro station.

The 18th century Saint Ejmiatsin Armenian Church

The ruined Armenian Church of the Red Gospel

Coordinates: 41°41′35″N 44°48′57″E / 41.693149°N 44.815824°E / 41.693149; 44.815824

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