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Avlona railway station (Greek: Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός Αυλώνας, romanized: Sidirodromikos Stathmos Avlonas) is a railway station in Avlona, a settlement north of Athens, in East Attica, Greece. Situated on the Piraeus–Platy railway, at 59.216km from Piraeus station. The station sits slightly above street level, and can be accessed by either elevator or stairs. It is owned by OSE, but service are provided by TrainOSE, through Proastiakos from Athens to Chalcis.[2]

The station opened (along with the line) on 8 March 1904, under the name Kakosalesi (the earlier name of Avlona), the date of its rebranding remains unknown. In 1983 the station reopened following upgrades on 27 October 1983.

It has two side platforms with auxiliary facilities on the southbound platform, which includes the original brick built buildings. The station is equipped with sheltered seating and electronic departure boards on both platforms. Access to platforms 1 and 2 is via a footbridge or lift.

Due to state funding issues,[3] the ticket office has since closed, however a ticket Machine is available. The Station (as of 2019) is now unstaffed, however CCTV is present.

The station is served by Proastiakos, with frequent services to Athens, Oinoi and Chalcis.[2]

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