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Avtaar is a 1983 drama film starring Rajesh Khanna and Shabana Azmi. It was directed by Mohan Kumar, and the music was by Laxmikant Pyarelal. Avtaar was a commercial hit, and was critically acclaimed.[1] The film earned several Filmfare award nominations.[2] Rajesh Khanna achieved success with Amardeep and Prem Bandhan onwards, but this was Rajesh Khanna's biggest film in terms of box office collections since 1973. However, Rajesh Khanna lost the Best Actor award to Naseeruddin Shah for Masoom. In 1986, Mohan Kumar made Amrit with Rajesh Khanna in the lead as an old man, but with a different story line. Rajesh Khanna received an All-India Critics Association (AICA) Best Actor Award for his performance in this film in 1983.[3]

The film was later remade into the Telugu film O Thandri Theerpu (1985), starring Murali Mohan and Jayasudha; in Kannada as Kaliyuga, starring Rajesh and Aarthi; in Malayalam as Jeevitham, starring Madhu; and in Tamil as Vaazhkai, with Sivaji Ganesan. Baghban in 2003, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini was partially inspired by this film.

The film starts with wife Radha Kishen (Shabana Azmi) garlanding her husband Avtaar Kishen's (Rajesh Khanna) bust while she mourns his death, then flashes back thirty years. Radha, is the only daughter of Seth Jugal Kishore (Madan Puri), and is in love with Avtaar, a poor boy. Her father disapproves, so the two elope and marry.

After various hardships, the couple ultimately succeed; after three decades, Avtaar is owner of a small house and fortune. they have two sons, Chander (Gulshan Grover) and Ramesh (Shashi Puri). Chander is married to Renu (Rajni Sharma), while Ramesh is married to Sudha (Priti Sapru). Avtaar also has a servant named Sewak (Sachin).

Chander marries the only daughter of Seth Laxmi Narayan (Pinchoo Kapoor) and becomes a Gharjamai. Meanwhile Ramesh registers the house under his wife's name instead of Radha's. This enrages Avtaar and he leaves his home, accompanied by Radha and Sewak. With help of a moneylender Bawaji (Sujit Kumar), Avtaar starts his own garage.

Avtaar faces an uphill task, since he has no money to buy equipment, is aged and his right hand was paralysed in an accident. Sewak helps his master by illegally donating blood to arrange funds, but when Avtaar assumes Sewak has resorted to robbery, Bawaji tells the truth. Moved, Radha and Avtaar come to regard him as a true son.

There's also story of Avtaar's friend Rashid Ahemed the best friend of avtaar also suffering from his cruel son Anwar ahemed and his cruel daughter-in-law - Zubeida anwar his son was in Dubai and he always show's during the panwaala dukan - name - Ram dulare (Shivraj) where he shows that is daughter-in-law is very good but in reality very worst he works like a servant and suddenly becomes sick and his son expels him from the house and Avtaar sees that and opens a center on people who was suffering from their cruel relatives he named him "Apna Ghar".

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