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Black Lives Matter Plaza (officially Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest) is a two-block-long pedestrian section of 16th Street NW in Downtown Washington, D.C.[2][3] The plaza was renamed by Mayor Muriel Bowser on June 5, 2020, after the Department of Public Works painted the words "Black Lives Matter" in 35-foot (11 m) yellow capital letters, along with the flag of Washington, D.C., during the series of George Floyd protests, riots and vandalism that were taking place in Washington, D.C.[4][5][6]

On June 5, 2020, during the series of George Floyd protests, riots and vandalism in Washington, D.C., the DC Public Works Department painted the words "Black Lives Matter" in 35-foot-tall (11 m) yellow capital letters on 16th Street NW on the north of Lafayette Square, part of President's Park near the White House, with the assistance of the MuralsDC program of the DC Department of Public Works, with the DC flag accompanying the text.[7][8][9] On the same date, the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser announced that part of the street outside of the White House had been officially renamed to Black Lives Matter Plaza posted with a street sign.[10][11][12] When announcing the renaming, she said, "Breonna Taylor, on your birthday, let us stand with determination."[13] In a press conference, she explained, "There are people who are craving to be heard and to be seen and to have their humanity recognized. We had the opportunity to send that message loud and clear on a very important street in our city."[14] In October 2020, the DC City Council voted to keep the name permanently. [15]

The naming of the street has been seen by many as not only a reaction to the protests but part of it.[16]

Mayor Bowser's decision to rename the segment of 16th Street NW as a public gathering place, or plaza, followed DC precedent for the commemorative renaming of city streets,[17] under the Code of the District of Columbia.[18][19]

In September 2020, according to WUSA9, the Federal Highway Administration, Mayor Bowser's office and area business were engaged in talks about removing the lettering and street sign, although no formal request had been made by the federal government.[20]

As of May 11, 2021, the yellow letters were painted over "temporarily," according to Mayor Bowser's office.[21] Bowser stated that "right now we're undergoing a process to make the installation more permanent, and with lighting and landscaping and all the things that you expect an iconic art installation … to install this piece of art with a very affirming message that not only our residents needed to hear, but people around the world needed to hear."[22]

The plaza is a two-block-long section of 16th Street NW, south of K St NW, extending through I St, and north of H Street NW on the north side of President's Park on the south side of the Downtown neighborhood in Northwest D.C..[23][24][25][26] Vehicular entry is blocked by barricades on the right-hand side of the street, though emergency vehicles have access on the left side. Cross-traffic is uninterrupted on K and I streets.

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