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Black lives matter movement in popular culture

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been depicted and documented in various artistic forms and mediums including film, song, television, and the visual arts. In some instances this has taken place in the form of protest art (also referred to as activist art or "artivism").[1] These cultural representations have also grown organically among artists who seek to partake in activist efforts in support or in recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement.[2][3] The themes conveyed in these artistic works address the history of racism and injustice toward people of color in the United States and typically express sentiments of anger and fear as well as solace and hope.[4]

1. “Why do you have your guns out?” – Kenneth Chamberlain, 66 2. “What are you following me for?” – Trayvon Martin, 17 3. “Mom, I'm going to college.” – Amadou Diallo, 23 4. “I don't have a gun. Stop shooting.” – Michael Brown, 18 5. “You shot me! You shot me!” – Oscar Grant, 22 6. “It's not real.” – John Crawford, 22

7. “I can't breathe.” – Eric Garner, 43

Street murals and art began to be created in the mid-twentieth century, but became a way of "reappropriating public space in the name of inclusion, diversity, and equality" in the 1960s, such as the Wall of Respect made in Bronzeville, Chicago in 1967. It features portraits of noted Black figures including Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X.[35]

A number of cities have painted murals of "Black Lives Matter" in large yellow letters on their streets. While some find that the street paintings are an important validation of the movement, critics charge that it is a distraction from working on meaningful change.[35]

And we had the opportunity to send that message loud and clear on a very important street in our city. That message is to the American people that black lives matter, black humanity matters, and we as a city raise that up.

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