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The Bosnia and Herzegovina men's national sitting volleyball team (Bosnian: Reprezentacija BiH u sjedećoj odbojci) represents Bosnia and Herzegovina in international sitting volleyball competitions and friendly matches. Bosnia is one of the dominant forces in sitting volleyball worldwide, alongside Iran.[1] The team won a bronze medal, during ECVD European Championships in 1997 in Tallinn. It took nearly two decades later for the nation to win a medal outside the sport of sitting volleyball when Amel Tuka won bronze during 2015 World Championships in Athletics.[2]

The team is the most decorated in Bosnia and Herzegovina sport having won 2 paralympic volleyball gold medals, 3 paralympic silver medals, 3 World Cup titles, and 9 won European Championships straight.[3] The team won World titles and European titles either side of winning Paralympics Gold in 2004 Athens. The team is a member of the world (WOVD) and European (ECVD) sitting volleyball governing bodies.[4]

It is governed by the Association of sitting volleyball of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Savez sjedeće odbojke BiH). Until 1992, Bosnian players like Ševko Nuhanović were part of the Yugoslav national sitting volleyball team.[5][6]

Prior to 1992, during the Yugoslavia days, the beginnings of the team started to take its form. Players were part of Sarajevo based Uporni Sitting Volleyball Club which were champions of Yugoslavia three times in a row.[7] Bosnia and Herzegovina men's sitting volleyball team includes athletes who were deeply affected by the Bosnian War (6 April 1992 – 14 December 1995). Due to the large number of people injured in the conflict, the country started to invest more in Paralympic sports. Captain Sabahudin Delalić fought for the Bosnian army and lost part of his right leg after a wall fell on him. Safet Alibašić lost one of his legs when he stepped on a landmine. The team coach Mirza Hrustemovic, himself was given a vaccination in 1961 against an illness with the medicine having a side effect. He lost the function in his left leg. Today, more than 500.000 disabled people lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first major tournament participation came in during 1995 European championship. During its qualification phase[8] in early December 1994, the team (all players from Sarajevo club SDI Spid), traveled to Zagreb on a bus riddled with bullet holes in temperatures of 17 degrees below zero.[9] Bosnia along with Austria were the only nations to travel to play Croatia in the qualification tournament (out of 11 invited). Croatia finished undefeated with victories over Austria 3:0 (15:5, 15:8, 16:14) and Bosnia (15:6, 15:8, 15:11). Bosnia beat Austria, however all 3 nations qualified for the finals.

Team made their Paralympic Games debut at Sydney 2000 and won silver. There were five total Paralympic podium finishes in sitting volleyball for Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are the only medals in Olympic and Paralympic Games as an independent nation (from Yugoslavia). The 800 metres distance runner Amel Tuka holds the only other prestigious medal for Bosnia and Herzegovina, a bronze at 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing.

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