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Buckethead is an American musician, predominantly a guitarist. The Buckethead discography currently includes 322 studio albums (291 of them in the Pike Series), 1 live album, 4 special releases, 1 extended play, 5 demo tapes, 3 solo DVD video releases, 2 DVD video releases with Cornbugs, 3 music videos, 7 unreleased albums (including Pikes), 3 solo videography releases, and 16 videography releases with other artists.

Since 1994, Buckethead has released 6 studio recordings under the anagram of Death Cube K. He has released 74 works with other bands and artists (including his work as Death Cube K). The total number of studio albums, special releases, extended plays, demo tapes, and works with other bands and projects is 382. His guest appearances total 97. His videography releases total 19. In total, Buckethead has been involved with 479 different album projects (as solo or with other bands). As of his 325th solo studio album (not counting the remixed versions) and his 294th (technically 322nd and 291st respectively, as Pikes 285–6, 289, 290, and 295 remain unreleased) album in the Pikes series Ghouls of the Graves, his total solo studio album running time is approximately 170 hours and 30 minutes.

Mike Patton with Buckethead and DJ Flare, forming Moonraker

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