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Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 138, also known as CCDC138, is a human protein encoded by the CCDC138 gene. The exact function of CCDC138 is unknown.



The CCDC138 gene can be found at the positive strand of chromosome 2.[5]

The CCDC138 gene is located at the long(q) arm of chromosome 2 at locus 12.13,[6] or in short 2q12.3. It can be found at location 108,786,752-108,876,591.[7] The DNA sequence is 89,840bp long.

CCDC138 is the only established common alias.

No paralogs of CCDC138 have been identified.

CCDC138 is conserved in various organisms as shown in the table below.

The most distant homolog detected or predicted is Trichoplax adhaerans. It has a conserved CCDC138 gene and has evolved 800 MYA before the human lineage.

Among the orthologs stated above, there are various homologous regions that are conserved shown in figures below.

Green colors shows completely conserved residues, yellow color shows identical residues, cyan color shows similar residues, white color shows different residues.

The observed phylogeny of the CCDC138 gene of the above mentioned orthologs recapitulates the evolutionary history.[9]

The figure above shows the evolutionary relationship of CCDC138 in the orthologs.

The CCDC138 protein is predated to have a molecular weight of 76.2Kda[10] and an isoelectric point of 8.614.[11] Compositional analysis shows that there is a low usage of the AGP grouping in CCDC138, and there are no positive, negative or mixed charge clusters. The protein has no ER retention motif in the C-terminus and no RNA binding motif.[12] It has also been predicted to be a soluble nuclear protein with a leucine zipper pattern (PS00029) at position 205 onwards with a sequence LQKRERFLLEREQLLFRHENAL.[12]

There are two isoforms of the CCDC138 protein. The primary isoform has 665 amino acids[13] while the secondary isoform has 577 amino acids,[13] and is missing 88 amino acids at the C-terminus.

Figure shows the pairwise sequence alignment comparing the primary isoform (Isoform 1) to the secondary isoform (Isoform 2).

A domain of unknown function (DUF2317) on the protein at location 212 – 315 has been characterized in bacteria. TMHMM[14] and TMAP[15] suggests that there are no predicted transmembrane domain. SOSUI[16] further predicts that CCDC138 is a soluble protein with no transmembrane domain.

According to SUMOplot Analysis Program,[17] there are 7 predicted sumoylation at lysine residues K7, K207, K336, K374, K383, K521, and K591. NetPhos[18] predicts that there are 44 phosphorylations sites, including 29 serine residues, 10 threonine residues, and 5 tyrosine residues. There are no further post-translational modifications as predicted by NetNGlyc,[19] NetOGlyc,[20] SignalP,[21] Sulfinator,[22] and Myristoylator.[23]

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